• The Hood Flash Bible

    A 35 page set of flash designs by Germ, drawn over a decade of tattooing in high volume street shops. Tattoo designs that sell in a fast paced environment, or great wall decor for dorm, office, or tatty store!

  • Varying designs in B&G and color

    There is meant to be a great deal of variety in these designs, while still addressing many classic tattoo themes, but also with new ideas as well.

  • Classic designs in high demand

    Some tattoo designs will never go out of style, and faith based tattoos will endure the ages. Attractive backgrounds make these more than just sale pieces, but also proud works of display art.

  • All your favorites in one set!

    Germ's Hood Flash Bible has literally hundreds of popular tattoo designs, all made to be easily replicated by the busy street hustler or improved upon by the meticulous craftsman! There's something for everyone here!

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The Cleaver

Hand painted watercolor applied to printed linework on 12"x18" cold pressed watercolor paper. Each print will have its own unique look, though the color scheme will remain monochromatic as pictured.

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  • "Faerie Garden" 12 sessions

  • "Occult/Orin" 5 sessions

  • "Faith" 3 sessions

  • "Left Brain/ Right Brain" 1 session

  • "Nezuko" 2 sessions

  • "Watercolor" 1 session

  • "Athena" - 3 sessions

  • "Wild Horse" 5 sessions

  • "Coverup" 6 sessions

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Germ has been tattooing professionally since 2003, and is best known for bold colors with smooth transitions and clean, consistent linework.

Tattoo rates are $200 per hour, 1 hour minimum. Buy 3 hours get one free! All tattoos shown are 4 hours per session, and are scheduled once per month.

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DJ 20 Rock mashup music video

DJ 20 Rock started in 2002 as a side project, mixing techno beats and sound bites into a genre that is too ill informed to be well defined. You can hear more 20 Rock on SoundCloud absolutely FREE!

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